Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gifts & Flow

excerpt adapted from my journal, early December 2010

Another beautiful day at Hacienda Mosaico – Venessa woke up at 5:30 and went out with her computer. At 7:30 we did yoga in front of the blue mosaic fountain wall.

our yoga studio

Today’s focus was on building the Mandala itself. The mandala has 8 legs – we’ve explored four at this point – Heart & Meaning, and Gifts and Flow. Every time I think of “Gifts and Flow,” I think of the walk between Starbucks and my house – the one I take late every morning to pick up my cup of coffee and head back to my office for whatever is waiting there to be tackled.

gifts & flow spread

With caffeine coursing through my veins, the world transforms a bit – the colors are all amped up. Images, designs, and wacked out design ideas start to bombard me so much that sometimes I feel like sitting down on the sidewalk to just soak it up. It’s a huge surge of creativity – creativity I was previously unable to put down on paper to communicate in any productive way. I would just use it as a motivator to go home and focus on email / Facebook / Twitter, etc.

Journaling is going to be a new way of life for me. A new way of work.

finding the sweet spot of the entrepreneur's mandala

It’s the communication tool with myself that’s been absent. Everything I’ve created seems so intangible, and I repeat the mantra “I’m not a designer” over and over again to anyone who asks a question about One Mango Tree products. But why shouldn’t I be the designer? Do I need to go to RISD to be a designer? Harvard GSD? I can develop color stories and ideas for textile designs – or at least I have found a language with which I can better communicate with designers to achieve what I want – to get those ideas from my head onto paper or a screen.

The feeling of immersing myself in the creative process is complete.

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