Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All things Uganda...

I've spent the past few days with some close friends from the Uganda trip. We watched videos and drank wine, spent twelve hours at a conference here in DC on the peace process in Northern Uganda, watched the DC premier of Uganda Rising and went to see The Last King of Scotland last night.
On top of this, I'm in the thick of Beasts of No Nation, which so far has completely blown my mind and given me nightmares. I'm all Uganda'd out. In fact, I feel completely and utterly exhausted.
After completing my Fulbright interview panel yesterday afternoon, I'm now about to embark on yet another academic [masochistic] endeavor - re-writing my research design yet again, this time attempting to analyze through the lens of "urban planning." This throws me back into the old question "What the f* is urban planning?" that haunted me so ruthlessly during graduate school. But I guess I couldn't quite say that during my interview. My starting point will be the collision of violent conflict and the city of the developing world. And then I'm stuck.

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